The PPK ORMAWA Team of FTP Unud TIP Study Program Designs Assistance and Training in Processing Herbal Drinks Products at Karya Sari SMEs, Tabanan Regency

The Student Organization Capacity Building Program Team (PPK ORMAWA) Student Association of Agroindustrial Technology Study Program Faculty of Agricultural Technology Udayana University (TIP FTP Unud Study Program) consisting of 10 students namely Jessica Ayuningtyas Putranti, Ni Kadek Listera Pratysentani, Dwi Nanda Arta Maharani, Ni Wayan Mutriani, I Gusti Ayu Cintya Rahayu, Ihsanul Maulana, Putu Yuni Ayu Sari, Cindy Aprilia, Anak Agung Sagung Istri Mirah Aryeswari Yunantara, and Rahiqi Machtum who are students of the Class of 2020 provide Processing of Palm Sugar-Based Herbal Product Innovations at Karya Sari SMEs, Tabanan Regency. This activity was accompanied by a Lecturer of the Agroindustrial Technology Study Program, Mrs. Dr. Ir. Luh Putu Wrasiati, M.P.


The Innovation Product Processing Training activity at Karya Sari SMEs, Pupuan, Tabanan Regency is ongoing and is planned to be carried out by providing counseling, training and assistance in processing innovation products. The innovation product in question is an herbal drink product based on palm sugar with the addition of lemongrass to maintain health during the COVID-19 transition period. This is because Karyasari Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency is one of the areas in Bali Province that has natural potential, namely sugar palm plants which are quite abundant while the addition of lemongrass is due to increase the bioactive content that is good for health and provides unique organoleptic properties for the products produced.


Jessica Ayuningtyas Putranti as the group leader explained that this herbal drink product of lemongrass and palm sugar is expected to be the optimal solution in ensuring the health of every village community as well as additional income by the Karya Sari SMEs, Tabanan Regency. This is because the source of raw materials available in the village can be said to be abundant enough to be used in the process of making this herbal drink. Apart from the source of raw materials, the enthusiasm of the village community is also quite high related to the provision of this counseling and mentoring activity.